Zona & Ryan

“My hope is that the medical community gain a better understanding of the pain and suffering endured everyday by those affected. My son was diagnosed with Chiari on May 12th 2013 and just three months later on August 11th shortly after his 20th birthday he suffered a seizure that rendered him brain dead. The pain he suffered was real. The seizures were real. My son did not have to die.”

                                - Zona Mcgee


After graduating high school, Ryan Mcgee spent his time working, playing guitar, and gaming online with his friends. He was a healthy, active, compassionate young man who advocated for donor awareness as his mother suffered a life-long hereditary kidney disorder and was on the wait list to receive a transplant.


He was excited about his future. One day he suffered a moderate headache, the headaches continued to worsen until he passed out in the bathroom one Mother's Day and was rushed to the hospital by his mother and sister.


At the Emergency Room, Ryan was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and the doctors suggested brain decompression surgery. Ryan had never suffered this type of pain, and being of age, agreed to the surgery. He went in a healthy young man and came out brain damaged.


Over the course of the next few months, his condition declined and he was not given proper diagnostics or treatment by the hospital where his surgery was performed.  This lack of treatment led to his death at 20 years of age.


In his death, he gave life to his mother when she received her son's kidney.

We will fight to keep Ryan's memory and spirit alive and to spread patient safety awareness in his honor.

Zona McGee passed away May 13, 2017.

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