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We will be presenting a workshop on filmmaking at the 2018 Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire! Sat May, 5th, 2018

Please click the button for more info and we hope to see you at the Faire!


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Writing For Ryan  is a community-supported documentary project about families and individuals whose lives have been severely affected by Arnold Chiari Malformation and their comorbid conditions and syndromes.


Featured in the documentary, are seven families who have faced unimaginable medical trauma at the hands of a system who has failed them at every turn. 


This project began when I learned of a young man named Ryan Mcgee.

Ryan was stricken with sudden-onset headaches that became unbearable over the span of a month.  He and his family did everything right in seeking appropriate medical treatment, but were failed in a series of incidents spanning over three months which culminated in his death at 20 years of age.


Upon learning of the neglect, abuse, and loss his family endured by those who were hired to guide, help, treat, diagnose, and relieve Ryan's pain, his story resonated with me. His mother, Zona, asked me to help her write a book that she had been working on, but was having difficulty finishing due to her own medical issues.

We began this project as an informational packet we planned to distribute to physicians worldwide, but we quickly discovered our stories needed to be told real, raw, and on video.

Writing For Ryan is anticipated to be released  in the Spring of 2019.

-Gia Soares - Producer

To read more about the evolution of Writing For Ryan Please click here.


  Travel Journals

Click the links below to get to know our participants and crew. 

  Tennessee  Georgia  California  Production  The Love  The Rest

We have filmed 11 people from five different states in three locations to date.


Click Here to learn about  Myriah and our future visit to Washington. 


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Our website is ever-evolving, and more clips will be released, so please visit often.

Writing for Ryan is a labor of love.

The progress of this film has been made possible  through crowdfunding, our generous volunteers, and our Executive Producer, Damon Woodward.

 Writing for Ryan is not-for-profit project. If you would like to donate and require 501 (c3) documentation, from our parent organization, please email Gia at  filmingforryan@gmail.com

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We would love to hear from you! Please contact us with questions or to share some of your own experiences. 

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Zona's Rough Cut Teaser

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